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Given the acute course of the disease, a positive therapeutic effect is achieved at an early stage of the disease.

When a diagnosis is established, the farm is declared unfavorable and restrictive measures are imposed. or fill out our .

For the treatment of animals in the foci of priligy, when possible, hyperimmune antitoxic serum is used, which is administered to clinically healthy livestock after laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis, as well as antibiotics, including prolonged action. 

Prohibited: introduction and withdrawal of animals from dysfunctional farms; regrouping of sheep within the farm; forced slaughter for meat, as well as skinning and shearing wool from the corpses of dapoxetine sheep; milking sheep and using milk for food. The corpses of sheep that have died from enterotoxemia are burned along with the skin and wool. Autopsy of corpses is allowed only for diagnostic purposes at a specially equipped site. It is also prohibited to slaughter sick and suspicious animals for meat. The corpses are destroyed along with the skins, it is forbidden to use meat and milk from sick sheep for food.

Sick and suspicious animals are isolated and treated. Healthy people are transferred to stall keeping, the concentration of concentrates is reduced, hay is given instead of grass, watering is carried out only from the water supply. Then the vaccination is carried out. In disadvantaged farms, skins infected with the pathogen must be decontaminated. Carry out forced disinfection of premises (shepherds) and care items infected with enterotoxemia pathogen. In order to prevent infection of pastures with bacillus excreting sheep, the transfer of animals to safe pastures is also prohibited.

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